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Why Marzze?

✔️ Tap on over 50,000 KOLs / Influencers, across multiple channels, in any industry.

✔️ Run Key Opinion Leader (KOL) & Influencer marketing just as easily as social media ads

✔️ Set your campaign requirements - That's all you need to do

✔️ Connect, build & maintain relationships with one another

✔️ Engage KOLs / influencers in many creative ways - your affiliate program, hosting live streams, etc!

✔️ World's first Fixed-Price and/or Performance-based* Fee structures

✔️ Targets based on people's interests and DOES NOT require personal data collection to be successful

✔️ Drive exceptional ROI, sales, leads & brand awareness all in one platform

*Pay-per-Impression, Pay-per-Lead or Pay-per-Sale

*Limited Time Only


Use Cases

Mass Engagements of Nano / Micro Influencers / KOLs

Mass Engagements of Nano / Micro Influencers / KOLs

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Multi-Channel / Platform KOL & Influencers

Multi-Channel / Platform KOL & Influencers

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Exercise creativity in using KOLs & Influencers

Exercise creativity in using KOLs & Influencers

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Features that come together on one single platform to help your organization:
  • Maximise marketing ROI
  • Enjoy significant time and cost savings
  • Generate media content
  • Advance your technology & AI capabilities
Connecting organizations with key opinion leaders & influencers

Marzze AI is the brain of our proprietary technology.

Key Features

  • Recommends a strategy of KOLs & Influencers across various channels, based on your campaign parameters
  • Run your campaign with a hands-off approach just like a social media ad, it can automatically execute the entire campaign for you
  • Alternatively, set areas which require your approval (e.g. content, time, date)
Connecting organizations with key opinion leaders & influencers

MarzzeConnect is a social networking feature enabling organizations to connect, engage, build relationships with KOLs / Influencers, and vice-versa.

Key Features

  • For KOLs & Influencers to connect with campaigns
  • For organizations to connect with KOLs and Influencers
  • Variety of platforms and channels (not just Instagram)
  • Generate media content with KOLs / Influencers
  • Purchase rights to use KOL / influencer in your marketing
Connecting organizations with key opinion leaders & influencers

MarzzeCampaigns enable organizations, key opinion leaders (KOL) & influencers to manage campaigns easily.

Key Features

  • Starting & managing campaigns
  • Fixed-price & Pay-per-sale / lead / impression fee structures
  • Dashboards, reports & analytics
  • Escrowed payments / transactions
Professional digital marketing services

Is our platform not enough for you? If you'd like to navigate all your marketing requirements (e.g. branding, strategy, digital marketing, run campaigns, website, etc) or have any customization needs, let our friendly experts help you achieve your goals!

Services Offered:

Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers

Are you a key opinion leader or influencer? Join us and we'll help you monetize your outreach successfully with increased returns, regardless of your platform/channel.

What we can do for you:

  • Up-to-date notifications on suitable campaigns
  • Maximizing the potential of your outreach
  • Media content creation guidance
  • Building your reputation in the industry

Knowledge portal contains extensive research and thought leadership in the marketing industry.


  • Marketing Strategy by industry
  • Marketing Strategy by platforms / channels
  • Use cases of Marketing Technology









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Features to run your KOL & Influencer marketing campaigns


US$300 / Month

Complete solution to target KOL / Influencers and manage your campaigns end-to-end


Robust all-in-one platform to run multiple campaigns at once, with full set up, integration & customizability

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