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Key Features
- Dashboards and Campaign Management
- Effective KPI Results Tracking (Sales Generated, Leads Generated, Impressions)
- Tap on various sources of KOL-Influencers, regardless of industry, B2B, B2C
- E-Commerce marketplace storefront
- E-Directory listing of physical stores or digital services

Advertisers, Brands & Businesses

Regardless of your industry, B2B, B2C

Start & Manage campaigns, find suitable influencers from various platforms (e.g. FB, IG, Live Stream, Telegram, etc)

Fixed price, Performance-based
Pay-per-post + [pay-per-sale / pay-per-lead / pay-per-action / pay-per-engagement].

Generate sales through Marketplace
Generate leads through eDirectory


Campaign Features for Businesses & Advertisers

Marzze Platform Features
$ Free
*Does not include payment to KOLs / Influencers
Customisable campaign objectives
Fixed price fee structure
Performance based fee structure
Hybrid fee structure (recommended)
Automated end to end campaigns
SEO-Optimised eCommerce
SEO-Optimised eDirectory
Lifetime Access
Start Campaigns
Professional Marketing Services
$ 100
Fixed Price Fees or Hybrid Performance-Based Fees*
Offline-to-Online Transformation (F&B, retail, etc)
Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Influencers/KOL Strategy & Recommendations
Influencers/KOL Campaigns Management
Training to manage & automate future campaigns
Eligible for EDG - up to 80% subsidy (subject to ESG T&C and approval)
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More about our services & FAQs

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If you would like to run marketing campaigns by yourself, treat Marzze as a free Marketing SAAS tool. Run low risk marketing - with a hybrid performance-based model, if it's a failed campaign, you do not incur high costs as compared to traditional fee structures. It's also a free marketplace for you to sell or a directory for you to list your business and gain free outreach!

Professional Services

Are you a recognized industry player looking for more aggressive growth to become a market leader? 
Are you looking for a long-term partnership that takes care of your KOL / influencer marketing strategy?
Are you a small business with extremely tight budgets and just would like a taste of KOL / influencer marketing?
We have something for everyone. Simply contact us, let us know your requirements!

Offline-to-Online Transformation

Easily set up an online storefront and start selling your products (digital products supported) with Marzze. Organic web traffic from the get-go without complex set-up processes or high on-boarding costs. For businesses (especially B2Bs) who rely on lead generation, capitalise on Marzze's eDirectory to list your products/services with lead generation forms. Businesses with physical shops can also use our eDirectory to be found by potential customers near you. Regardless of your business type, let us know your needs and we will set up everything for you.  

If you prefer a customised online shop/storefront, feel free to let us know your requirements and we can advise accordingly.

Business Assessment & Market Research

To achieve growth in any business, a comprehensive understanding of your industry, problems, customers and target segments are critical. These are information which will allow highly targeted marketing and it makes the difference between poor marketing ROI and high marketing ROI. By allocating your marketing expenses to potential customers who have the need for your product/service, it will lead to significantly higher conversion rates ultimately driving business growth. Regardless of your industry, Marzze has the capability to provide you a detailed understanding of everything you need to know, setting the strong foundations required for short & long term growth.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Unsure on the best way to go about digital marketing? Let our professionals help you with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SEO strategy and/or your online shop. Instead of high fees, our hybrid performance-based model means you will pay low upfront fees, and the rest will be based on the % of actual sales revenue generated, number of leads generated or number of impressions. Ultimately, you pay for the value you receive - a fee structure that actually makes financial sense for you.

Multi-KOL/Influencer Strategy & Recommendations

Uunsure about KOL / Influencer Marketing but would like to capitalise on its effectiveness? Let the specialists help you assess, plan an entire KOL / influencer marketing strategy & portfolio which complements and integrates well into your overall digital marketing strategy. We provide short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies to aid you as you scale up or capture market share. Training will also be provided to help your firm capitalise on our free platform, allowing you to manage and automate all your KOL / Influencer campaigns. *EDG subsidy (subject to ESG's approval) will only include cost of our services , and does not include implementation: payment of KOL / Influencer fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For serviced campaigns, what is 'Hybrid Performance-Based Fees'?

We will charge lower upfront fees, with the rest coming from a performance aspect. For example: "$500 + $15/lead generated from KOL/influencer" or "$1,500 + 10% of sale value from KOL/influencer". For each sale or lead that is generated for you, you will be billed for % of the sale value or a lead value (to be determined depending on your industry). Of course, there will be a cap to the amount which will be discussed prior to starting. For free products/services (e.g. free webinars), there will be no conversion fees charged. The performance-based fee is the reason for the relatively low upfront cost being paid - as the concept is for KOL / Influencer marketing to bring actual value to businesses. In comparison, paying KOL / influencers a flat sum typically incurs higher upfront costs without knowing whether there will be actual results for your business - in other words, it's taking a gamble (unnecessarily).

2. How are conversions measured?

Depending on your business model, we will identify the ideal way of calculating conversion. Typically for B2Cs, a conversion would be a sale generated, while for B2Bs, a conversion would be a lead generated. These sales / leads are tracked using our Google Analytics API within our web-app. 

For those doing-it-yourself on our platform, you're welcome to set your own fee structures. However, it is worth noting that setting unrealistic fee structures may result in poor KOL / Influencer supply for your campaign. Some examples of unrealistic fee structures are:

  • Untrackable conversions - paying a KOL / Influencer with each sale generated for a B2B customized consulting-type service
  • 100% performance-based fees with $0 upfront - while this is possible, there will likely be a low take up rate amongst KOLs / Influencers (see FAQ #4)

3. What is the process like?

A standard serviced campaign typically encompass, but not limited to, these steps: 

  • Assess business & campaign needs
  • Listing your products / service on Marzze (Backlink & SEO optimized)
  • Shortlist & Selection of KOL / Influencer
  • Alignment of content to be posted between both parties
  • Post goes up - campaign begins
  • Results tracked - analytics report sent to both parties on weekly basis
  • End of campaign - bill for conversions

4. Is it possible for a fully performance-based KOL / Influencer Marketing model?

We strongly believe in value creation. In this case, any content made by a KOL / Influencer will in itself bring value to your business by boosting your brand reputation and provide visibility to a wide audience. Therefore, it is a courtesy fee to your KOL / Influencer partner in exchange for this value brought about by them. Having said that, businesses can be creative in their upfront incentives, as it can come in the form of anything from free product samples to payments.

5. How can we be sure of 'guranteed quality leads'?

With the targeted nature of KOL / Influencer Marketing, any leads that come in to leave a contact would already have a genuine interest in procuring your product or service. The conversion rate of such leads would definitely be higher than a traditional marketing campaign.


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