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We enable Key Opinion Leader (KOL) / influencer performance marketing. It is a form of high ROI marketing meant to capitalize on the effectiveness of both influencer marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, with a value-based fee structure. For instance, on top of a flat fee (of your choice), you can opt to pay an influencer $30 per sale or $10 per lead generated. Other more complex examples are, paying an influencer $5,000 for every 1000 leads generated, $10,000 for every 300 sales of a certain product/service. Every campaign is highly customizable according to your marketing strategy needs. To complement it, Marzze comes with a fully featured marketplace providing exceptional outreach for all users & businesses.

To facilitate true value-based influencer marketing requires an intricate set of features. With Marzze, here are the key features you can expect:

- Fully automated process
- Fully-featured marketplace - listings, product sales, pricing booking/appointment slots
- Start marketing campaigns
- Artificial Intelligence (AI) discovery & influencer recommendations
- Contractually binding upon acceptance from both parties
- Safe, secured escrow payments
- Easily track results, and release payments

2. What's the difference between Marzze and affiliate marketing?

For influencers

Customizability is the key difference here. Set your own prices/fees structure. Get the freedom to show your strengths with Marzze and get engaged by more suitable businesses/organisations. Why join Marzze? We take care of you end-to-end, from campaign search to smart contract binding and payments - it's all automated. Absolutely no delayed payouts, unnecessary administrative work, unnecessary conflicts with merchants or lost income due to uncooperative business partners. 

For advertisers/marketers

You will get significantly stronger market targeting capabilities and customizability with us. You have full autonomy and oversight regarding the sales tactics employed, the actual target audience, payment structures, etc. With us, you choose your influencers with a fitting target audience for your brand/sales. You can customize your rewards/incentive structure with different influencers. In short, Marzze enables your sales/marketing to be leaner, more adaptable and more agile, and that will not be the case with traditional affiliate marketing.

3. What's in it for business/organisations or any Marketers, in general?

There are several immediate benefits you can reap:

- Higher ROI, as you pay for what you get
- Marketing strategy diversity
- Word of mouth marketing
- No more paying for frauds
- Lower the sunk costs of failed campaigns
- Reduced troublesome negotiations
- Reduced administrative work

4. Who are best suited to start marketing campaigns with Marzze?

- All businesses with sales targets
- Governments needing community outreach
- Non-profits with a cause to spread. 
- YouTubers looking to build a subscriber base

5. What's in it for KOL & influencers ?

- Fully monetize your web traffic and/or social media following
- Increased income potential and recurring income
- No more troublesome negotiations, fraudulent activities and administrative work
- Become a highly attractive marketing proposition with us! (previous fee structure and infrastructure deters many marketers from pursuing influencer marketing)

6. Who should become an KOL / Influencer with us?

Anyone with web traffic. Marzze enables a significantly larger diversity of 'influencers' - encompassing Facebook (groups), Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, events, conferences, authors, discussion forums, and every other possible source of influence.


7. How do I begin?

You can sign up on our web app and begin creating your own campaigns. 

Alternatively, feel free to put up a request (for demos, partnerships, proposals, etc) with us and we will get back to you within 24hours.
Or, you may also contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to get started.

For any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact our support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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