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The automotive industry is not only competitive, but also highly complex. It has an extensive value chain ranging from small tuners/service workshops to large OEM brands. The complexity is only looking to increase, as more innovative alternative powertrains seek to break into the market. For instance, hybrids and electric vehicles have been gaining traction among automotive consumers due to the environmental benefits and cost savings on petrol. With the many players within the competitive industry, automotive businesses regardless of size have to find ways to stand out and every business has a website and a facebook page just like you. SEO and traditional digital marketing strategies such as facebook pages and websites is no longer enough. It's time to capitalise on value based influencer marketing, word of mouth marketing to reach out to your intended market.

We share tips on why & how you can stand out from the rest using key opinion leaders and influencers. Granted, despite its effectiveness, a failed campaign is extremely costly and accurate selection of key opinion leaders or influencers is difficult due to difficulty in predicting results. But, what if there's an alternate way to run your campaigns addressing these issues?

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