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Travel, tourism & hospitality Industry

September 2020 Update:

With Singapore Tourism Board's Marketing Partnership Program, enjoy a 70% subsidy on engaging key opinion leaders & influencers! Contact Us here, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (WhatsApp) +65 9655 5753

Looking to run key opinion leader or influencer marketing in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry? Here's how and here are 5 recommended Travel influencers & key opinion leaders in Singapore. If you're a travel, tourism, hospitality key opinion leader / influencer, let Marzze bring you sponsors and have the capability to earn 2-3x more income with the same amount of effort.

The travel, tourism & hospitality industry has been one of the biggest players in the influencer marketing industry. Unfortunately, it has been hit by many unpleasant, potentially fraudulent influencers leading to a rising wave of distaste towards influencers in this industry. However, one cannot deny the effectiveness of key opinion leader / influencer marketing if done right. So, how do you reach out to your target audiences effectively and become the viral trend-setters in this industry? Some may say despite its effectiveness, a failed campaign is extremely costly and accurate selection of key opinion leaders or influencers is difficult due to difficulty in predicting results. But, what if there's an alternate way to run your campaigns addressing these issues?

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