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Key Opinion Leaders and Social Media Influencers can potentially increase income by 2-3 times with the same amount of effort. It is no longer just about increasing your unique views or follower count. Here's how:

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We enable Key Opinion Leader (KOL) / influencer performance marketing. It is a form of high ROI marketing meant to capitalize on the effectiveness of both influencer marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, with a value-based fee structure. For instance, on top of a flat fee (of your choice), you can opt to pay an influencer $30 per sale or $10 per lead generated. Other more complex examples are, paying an influencer $5,000 for every 1000 leads generated, $10,000 for every 300 sales of a certain product/service. Every campaign is highly customizable according to your marketing strategy needs. To complement it, Marzze comes with a fully featured marketplace providing exceptional outreach for all users & businesses.

Published in Influencer Marketing

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