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Influencer Marketing: Top 4 Questions to ask when using it as your marketing strategy

Top 4 Questions to ask when using KOL & influencer marketing as your marketing strategy

1. What is your influencer marketing campaign's objective?

When searching for an influencer, always be able to list down your campaign's objectives. Some typical examples of objectives are increasing sales, promoting brand awareness. However, our advice is to go one level deeper in your objectives. For instance, instead of merely increasing sales, how about an objective such as increasing products sales for people in the age group 21-35 years old? Increasing brand awareness among the elderly population? Market penetration in a new country? Understanding your objectives will allow you to be clear on what you should demand from your influencer marketing campaigns.

By now, you get the point. When setting an objective, plan with more details. It allows the right influencers to approach you, while giving you more clarity to narrow your search 'radius' to an influencer within your target demographic/region. 

2. Who is my target audience and does my influencer's influence extend to the exact same target audience?

Many advertisers running influencer marketing campaigns make the mistake of engaging an influencer who is similar to their target audience, thinking it will attract their target audience. But, that is not entirely the case. For instance, male models/singers may have a fan base made up of mostly females, and vice versa. Hence, if you were targeting a demographic of males, you would not look for male models/singers as they do not have the right target audience in their outreach. Instead, it would make more sense to engage a male athlete (which would have a higher proportion of males within their outreach) or even engage a female model/singer to reach out to more males.

While it is a rather crass example, the key message here is to always ensure your influencer's outreach is similar in profile to your target audience. Never assume that finding an influencer with a profile exactly the same as your target audience is correct. As demonstrated, that is not entirely the case. Not sure where to start? Check out our KOL & influencer marketing industry guides

3. What content should I expect from my influencer marketing campaigns?

Advertisers tend to neglect planning the content for influencers to post. While it is usually up to the influencer to do a proposal, advertisers must have a direction in mind, and this direction has to align towards the objectives of your campaign. Without this direction, advertisers run the risk of failing to meet their campaign objectives. Not to mention, by providing a guideline to the influencer, you will reduce time wasted on unnecessary revisions of influencer marketing content.

4. What platform(s) do I want my post to be on?

Influencer marketing need not be restricted to Instagram - or even social media. It could be blogs, digital publications, messaging apps, etc. Spend 30mins researching on the nature of the platform and assess whether it is a suitable fit for your needs. It's not difficult, just often neglected. Platforms can range from social media to events to telegram groups. Each platform has its own unique identity and users on different platforms may be the same users but with differing intentions. Take for example the classic case of Facebook and LinkedIn: if I were on LinkedIn, I would probably be looking for jobs or business opportunities. Thus, at that point in time, seeing a post about buying luxury products would be a turn-off. However, on another fine day, as I log onto Facebook to look at photos of friends out for dinner/shopping, I would be more inclined to look at luxury products. Not sure where to start? Check us out and how we can help you achieve the optimal mix of platforms & channels

Always take into account the intention of users at that point of using the app. Your demographics might be right. Your products might be attractive. But catching your users at the wrong timing? That could be a showstopper, which is completely avoidable with just 30mins worth of research.