KOL / Influencer Marketing Campaigns with AI - How it works

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Running key opinion leader (KOL) / influencer marketing campaigns have never been easier. Now, it's possible to run it just like a social media ad. Incorporating AI marketing technology into your organization is essential for everyone in the near future, while early adopters gain significantly larger market share over rivals. Simply register and you can get started. So, what does it actually mean and how does it work?

Running KOL / influencer marketing campaigns is as easy as a social media ad with AI - How it works

Set your campaign parameters

That is all you need to do. Just like a social media ad, you simply set your campaign parameters such as objectives, budget, target audience, timeline and content. Several other options are available for you to customize your campaign. Some examples include setting whether you'd like to approve AI-selected KOL / influencers, approve content generated by KOL / influencers, signing of NDAs, private campaigns (visible only to selected KOL / influencers). 

Based on the parameters set, an estimated total outreach will be established. 

What happens after that?

Upon campaign approval, a deposit (amount depends on budget set) has to be placed before MarzzeAI takes over. Our proprietary AI marketing technology (MarzzeAI) will run your campaign based on your parameters set, and the campaign will be run based on 4 phases. 

Phase 1: Strategize overall campaign platform(s) & channels

MarzzeAI will identify the optimal platform(s) to market your product/service/event based on the parameters set and allocate an optimized distribution across the platform(s) identified. It's no longer just IG or Facebook - it's a wide variety of platforms that will truly enhance your sales / leads / awareness. Combined with AI marketing technology, we make it simple yet highly effective for you.


For a B2B firm, MarzzeAI's result could be - 4 LinkedIn influencers + 2 digital publication KOLs

For a B2C e-commerce shop, MarzzeAI's result could be - 5 IG influencers + 3 Facebook influencers + 2 digital publication KOLs + 2 TikTok influencers

Phase 2: Selection / Recommendation of KOLs & Influencers

Our AI will select the ideal KOLs / influencer for each platform for your campaign, depending on the level of outreach required and optimal platform(s). MarzzeAI will automatically send out invites to these KOLs / influencers. If you have opted to approve selected KOLs / influencers, you will be able to do so at this phase.

Phase 3: Content creation & alignment with KOLs & Influencers

Content / Links for your campaign will be aligned with both parties. If you have opted to approve content generated by KOLs / influencers, you will be able to do so at this phase.

Phase 4: Execution & verification of content upload

KOLs / influencers will provide the link(s) on which they have posted the content. MarzzeAI will scrap, review and ensure the appropriate content & links have been properly uploaded. 


With a budget of SGD$5,000 and maximum automation level, estimated total outreach could be 212K.

AI marketing

Image: An example of estimated outreach

Example of started campaign details:

AI marketing

Image: An example of KOL / influencer marketing campaign details

Example of campaign in progress:

AI marketing

Image: An example of AI campaign in progress

Enjoy boosted sales / leads & brand awareness!

With us,

  • You no longer have to spend hours/days/weeks on managing campaigns, finding influencers, liaising with them, etc - reducing costs and improving staff productivity
  • You will no longer have fraudulent influencers.
  • You no longer have to pay huge margins for engaging the "middle-man"
  • Your marketing ROI will be increased
  • You can enjoy the option of performance-based fee structures (pay-per-sale/lead/impression)
  • It's easy to start KOL / influencer marketing - just like any other social media ad
  • Enjoy a knowledge portal that can guide you on best practices of KOL / influencer marketing
  • Incorporate unique, powerful AI marketing technology empowering your organization


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