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The True Value of Influencers & Key Opinion Leaders

Unlike social media ads, using influencers & key opinion leaders comes with significantly more benefits than just 'getting eyeballs on your ad'. These benefits have long been underappreciated by many, yet they are vital to any business or organization.

1. High Quality Content Generation

Key opinion leaders & influencers will create content relevant to your business - be it videos, articles or photos in order to promote you. It is content that can be used to share with prospective customers, placed on your website or posted on your social media pages with the key objective of getting increased credibility for your business. Examples:

  • B2B firm with an article on renowned trade/business publications
  • Electronics retailer with a YouTube reviewer showing how well a product works
  • E-commerce business with a well-liked person showing how great their products look
  • Retail business with a popular person showing where their shop can be found
  • And more!

2. Word-of-Mouth Effect of Influencers & Key Opinion Leaders

Having reputable personas or everyday people to talk about your brand creates a trust factor which is similar to a 'word-of-mouth' effect. It creates conversations about your business, rather than just people looking at an ad. This ripple effect will lead to significantly higher outreach and conversions than a traditional social ad due to the trust factor. This effect will be more visible with nano and micro influencers or key opinion leaders.

3. Does Not Require Personal Data Collection to be Successful

Privacy concerns are increasingly an issue. It is estimated about 30-40% of the population may start moving towards apps / service providers which does not mandate personal data collection. As a result, traditional digital marketing or social media ads will no longer be as effective as it essentially cuts off 30-40% of the population from effective ads targeting.

On the other hand, KOL & Influencer marketing relies purely on a person's interests. By engaging the exact people they follow or websites they visit, there is no requirement to have personal data collection for it to be successful. The people they follow or the websites they visit are completely voluntary as they directly derive value & satisfaction from it. The key advantage of influencer marketing & key opinion leaders? If you use one strongly relatable to your organization, there is an extremely high probability their visitors will be take an interest with your organization - all without the need for your potential customers to give up personal data.

4. Diversity of Influencers & Key Opinion Leaders

There are only a few prominent social media platforms in the world. However, there are millions of key opinion leaders and influencers around the globe across all languages and demographics. While some influencers are on social media platforms, others are publications, blogs, forums which are all mediums with web traffic that you can target. 

5. Highly Targeted

When done right, you can get highly targeted web traffic resulting in higher conversions. Spending less for more conversions would be everyone's dream - and you can make it come true by adopting the right strategies and technology. It is the future of digital marketing - and we happen to make it so simple for everyone. If you know how to run a social media ad, you already know how to run a KOL & Influencer marketing campaign with us.

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