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Use Case 2: Easy, Effective KOL / Influencer Marketing For All

For all industries - regardless of B2B, B2C, government, etc. There are several common myths about KOL & Influencer marketing which used to be facts, but not anymore. In the modern marketing technology space, new capabilities have emerged empowering organisations to drive higher ROI through KOL & Influencer marketing.

The Myths

  • Limited to B2C and e-commerce
  • B2B firms do not use KOL & Influencer marketing
  • Usually on Instagram & Facebook
  • Costly to run
  • Tedious & time consuming

Case Study - The truth about KOL & Influencer marketing with Marzze

Marzze has opened up key opinion leader & influencer marketing to a variety of platforms. It's no longer just social media, which were predominantly for B2C and e-commerce businesses. Now, you can access a significantly larger market, with users of all demographics across platforms such as live streaming, digital publication sites, personal blogs, messaging apps, YouTube, etc. 

As a result, organisations beyond B2C / e-commerce can now tap on key opinion leader & influencer marketing. For instance, B2B firms can use digital publication sites, LinkedIn, messaging apps to target prospective client decision makers. The variety of platforms enables better targeting, higher outreach and greater overall brand awareness for any organisation across all industries / sectors.

It might seem daunting to navigate the variety of platforms available for your key opinion leader / influencer marketing campaign. However, MarzzeAI is just the solution. Based on your industry, campaign objectives and budget, MarzzeAI automatically runs the entire process of your campaign - from strategizing, identifying optimal KOLs / influencers, sending invitations to them, down to content upload & verification. All you & your team needs to do is to set up your campaign parameters. With us, you & your team is able to view updates from KOLs / influencers and manage the entire campaign from one platform. The entire campaign is run automatically with minimal inputs from you.

Benefits Summary

  • Significantly improved staff productivity
  • Increased marketing ROI
  • Reduced risk of fraudulent / ineffective influencers
  • Optimized marketing strategy
  • Variety of platforms (not just Instagram)
  • Opportunity to incorporate unique & powerful artificial intelligence empowering your organisation


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