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Use Case 6: Creative Ways of Managing KOL & Influencer Marketing

What do we mean by creatively? Well, many think key opinion leader & influencer marketing is simply engaging someone with a wide outreach on Instagram to promote your brand. With Marzze, you can do much more than that.

1. Engage a KOL / Influencer for Live streaming

Live streaming is a highly sought after avenue that has been proven to boost ROI by up to 1200%. Getting an influencer to host a live stream for your business could not only tap on their outreach, but also utilise their expertise in engaging people through an entertaining way. 

2. Purchase their Image Rights for Content & Media

There's a high likelihood you've seen Cristiano Ronaldo's appearance for Shopee or Lee Min Ho's appearance for Lazada. You can do the same with your brand. With advanced video/image editing technology these days, you can use your chosen KOL / influencer's image and superimpose them onto your content production without requiring their physical presence. Doing so will allow you to reduce fees payable to them by a significant amount, as it does not require their time nor effort. 

3. Ambassadors - Engaging KOL / Influencer Marketing for Content Production

Having your target audience's interests or idol to be the face of your brand indirectly provides a higher level of endorsement. Placing their presence on your website, ads and/or promotional materials will bring about more trust, interest and ultimately, conversions for your business. 

4. Variety of Platform(s) to Promote Your Organisation

It's no longer just Instagram. There are many channels out there with outreach to your target audiences and it is up to you to maximise them. The issue? It's difficult to find them. With Marzze? It's not. With platforms from YouTube, Digital Publications, Telegram Channels, Personal Blogs, there is a platform for everyone regardless of your industry & business model. 

5. Fixed Price & Performance-based Fee Structures for KOL / Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Integrate your e-commerce / website / app with Marzze and you can begin using performance-based fee structures. Pay your KOLs / influencers based on sales generated, leads generated or impressions - providing more incentive for a successful campaign, increasing your ROI. 


Forget what you know currently about key opinion leader & influencer marketing. The organisations that capitalise early on the changing landscape, reap the most rewards eventually. Inject more creativity into your marketing strategy, incorporating AI marketing technology for your campaigns will propel growth and gain market share. It is never too early to start!


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