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3M Moves
Challenge your friends to exercise and support the underprivileged

A community event organised by PA's South East CDC - Submit your exercise routine, stand a chance to win 3M products, all while helping the underprivileged in Singapore.

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Fei Yue Community Services



Fei Yue serves the low-income families, children of special needs, couples looking for adoptive children or strengthening their marriages, prison inmates and their families, the active aged to the vulnerable seniors, youth-at-risk and children who face domestic family abuse. We also promote family and community cohesion and bonding through our inter-generational programmes, transnational programmes and active ageing. Fei Yue also has a training arm that saw about 1,400 participants enrolling for our community-based programmes.

To access their range of services: https://www.fycs.org/seek-professional-services/

Note: All images & description courtesy of Fei Yue website


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