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3M Moves
Challenge your friends to exercise and support the underprivileged

A community event organised by PA's South East CDC - Submit your exercise routine, stand a chance to win 3M products, all while helping the underprivileged in Singapore.

Smart & Intelligent Homes

Plug-and-play smart home products & solutions. Control your home from an app!

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Help123 SG


Cyber Wellness Community Support - speak with an online counsellor for FREE!

Help123 is a one-stop service for youth cyber wellness issues. Youths, family members and educators are welcome to reach us via webchat, email or our hotline to find out more about cyber wellness or to get help with cyber wellness issues. Our website has updated cyber wellness resources and our friendly counsellors can connect you with appropriate support services.

To access chat services:

Chat is open from 2pm to 10pm, Mon- Fri
(excluding public holidays)

To access support:

Call hotline at 1800 6123 123 


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