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3M Moves
Challenge your friends to exercise and support the underprivileged

A community event organised by PA's South East CDC - Submit your exercise routine, stand a chance to win 3M products, all while helping the underprivileged in Singapore.

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3M Moves @ South East CDC



A community event organised by PA's South East CDC - Submit your exercise routine, stand a chance to win 3M products, all while helping the underprivileged in Singapore.


3M Moves @ South East (previously known as 3M Step-Up Challenge)

  • Our signature 5E1 programme, conceptualised by South East CDC
  • This is the 8th year edition of the annual campaign, co-organised with 3M Singapore
  • Aims to inculcate a giving spirit among residents through various forms of exercises while lending a hand to the needy at the same time

15E involves using an Easy and Enjoyable activity that Encourages widespread participation within the community which Earns sponsorships for the needy. In doing so, the CDC also Enlarges the value of giving thus enabling us to Enhance the community ownership and spirit.

3M Moves Results

What is it about?

3M Moves - 1 3M Moves - 2  3M Moves - 3  3M Moves - 4 

How to Participate?

There are 4 DIFFERENT ways! Simply choose which option you prefer.

  1. Conduct your own exercises and submit results here: https://go.gov.sg/3mmoves-submit-exercise-resultOR
  2. Join our virtual classes by fitness professional and influencers
  3. Take a video, hashtag & tag us on social media
  4. Be a Volunteer

1. Conduct your own exercises

Step ONE: (Optional) Form a Group

Step TWO: Exercise, Gym, etc.

Step THREE: Submit!

- Get your family & friends to join in!

- Challenge others to join!

- Conduct your exercises

- Record yourself & participants

- Take a photo (SMILE)

Send in your exercise photos & results

2. Join our virtual workout sessions

Partners Websites
Virtual Gym Classes
3M Moves Gym Partners

Sign up link: https://go.gov.sg/3mmoves-virtualclass-signup

Follow our FaceBook Page and Instagram for more details:

 - 3M Website: https://go.3m.com/3Mmoves
 - Facebook:https://facebook.com/southeastcdc
 - Instagram: https://Instagram.com/southeastcdc
 - LinkedIn: https://linkedlin.com/company/south-east-community-development-council

Fitness Influencer Classes



Dates / Time


imPAct@Hong Lim Green

Sunday 10am-1045am

Sunday 11am-1145am

Intro to Functional Fitness and Yoga

F45 @ Paya Lebar

Monday 730am-815am

Friday 1130am-1215pm

F45 HIIT workout


Wednesday 7pm-745pm

Intro to functional Fitness and Family Orientated Exercises


Saturday 10am-1045am

Intro to crossfit

3. Post your efforts on your social media accounts

3M Moves Instagram Example   

1 | Take a video
of you & your friends exercising

2 | Post
on your PUBLIC Instagram or Facebook account stating the number of minutes of exercise & number of participants


3 | Hashtag

4 | Tag Us


4. Volunteering Opportunities

3M Moves Volunteer


Any enquiries? Send your questions to Koh_Jia_Yi@pa.gov.sg 


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