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Our Services

Digital Marketing
Data-driven Omnichannel Marketing
Generate more sales, leads and brand awareness by being at the right places and at the right time
Key Opinion Leader & Influencer Marketing
The Future of Digital Marketing
The secret to edging out all your industry rivals.
Website Design
Digitalize your business
E-commerce shops, Corporate Websites and more.

KOL & Influencer Marketing

Get an edge over your rivals, generating increased sales, leads and brand awareness using key opinion leaders & influencers.

Achieving success for any business / organization

KOL & Influencer marketing is no longer just Instagram or Facebook. It's about tapping on various channels to generate more sales, leads and brand awareness. Talk to us to find out more how you can drive your business achieving more growth.

Services Offered:

  • Assessment of business nature & campaign objectives
  • KOL & Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Optimized recommendations of KOL & Influencer Marketing
  • Optimized sales & marketing workflow for KOL & Influencers
  • Campaign Management & Timelines
  • Execution of campaigns & implementation of recommendations
  • Fixed-price & Performance-based fee structures
  • Integration of Marzze platform with your e-commerce/website
  • Lifetime access to Marzze Platform
  • Access to Marzze AI & database of verified influencers

Monetising your Outreach

If you have a blog, social media or digital publication with outreach, let us help you monetise it!

Key Features

  • Up-to-date notifications on suitable campaigns
  • Maximizing the potential of your outreach
  • Media content creation guidance
  • Building your reputation in the industry

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Marketing Technology, Automation & Process Re-design

Incorporate marketing technology to automate your sales & marketing workflow.

What is it about?

Set up and/or optimize your sales & marketing workflow using digital marketing technology. Increase your marketing returns, generate more sales/leads, reduce costs and increase staff productivity.

Key Features

  • Integration of Marzze digital marketing technology
  • Lifetime access for Marzze
  • Start efficient & effective campaigns
  • Manage your marketing campaigns as easily & effectively as any social media ad
  • Set-up and optimization of sales & marketing funnel & workflow
  • Seamless integration of e-commerce / website to track results of campaigns down to sales, leads & impressions generated
  • Artifical Intelligence to help you get the best out of your campaigns
  • Access to database of verified influencers & campaigns


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